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1. Executive Summary We provide specialised, specific and custom vacations that are premium-priced and specifically created to suit the exact requirements of the client down to the exact detail. These vacations are not limited to a prototype or a present design, and are crafted around any desire that the client mentions. Our target customer belongs to the billionaires of the world. There are about 1,826 billionaires around the world and their aggregate net worth is about $7 trillion, which is the niche we will be operating in. at any point, one team will be appointed per client and that team will be responsible to see through the vacation of the client to the end. The job of this team will be to cater to every desire of the client for the…show more content…
SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis gives an overview of the firm itself, which is then helpful for enough clarity to manage the strategic and organisational aspects in order to yield maximum results. Following is the SWOT analysis for SpeVac. 7.1 Strengths It is a unique concept designed around the life of a billionaire. SpeVac caters to every facet of a premium, luxurious vacation suiting a billionaire. The target market sees very less effects of an economic slowdown, making this market reasonably stable to operate in. 7.2 Weaknesses As a start-up, the entry barriers into the market will be high. SpeVac does not have a pre-existing network to tap into. Networks will need to be forged from the beginning of operations. Unfortunately, this business is heavily based upon said relationships for suppliers, consumers and everyone in between. 7.3 Opportunities As the richest people are spending more on vacations than on retail, the demand for luxurious vacations is growing. On family vacations, at least one family member requires each service that we provide, making the offerings endearing. The economic slowdown affects the billionaires less, thus keeping the demand somewhat constant. However, the other businesses such as hospitality, travel and activities become cheaper owing to the economic crisis thus providing opportunities for SpeVac to achieve good deals for their clients and retain a larger

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