Sphinx And Pyramids Research Paper

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Pyramids Cyrano Rivera Pyramids are a thing of the past and present brought to us by Ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians built a lot of things like the sphinx and pyramids. But the pyramids should be a symbol of the past for many reasons. One of the things that they did was building. Back then cranes didn 't exist just yet, so they had other ideas of moving. Iron was not a makeable source since they did not know how to make it, so they used copper and limestone. Since the copper was softer than iron they had a method of hardening iron that they only knew how to. Limestone was also an iron substitute of iron and harder than copper. They used the local limestone and dolerite to make gathering materials easier. They then put them on a sheet of bedrock to use the mattocks and chisels to put the finishing touches.…show more content…
Near the Nile’s east they built either above or below the ground. Why they built it near the Nile is that they wanted the east side is since it is that the sun rose in the east. Inside the pyramids there were many traps and dead end passages to trick the robbers who were trying to steal the Egyptian treasures inside the tombs of the Pharaohs and
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