Sphinx King Taharqo

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The sphinx of Taharqo was build around 100BC- 600 BC. This sphinx was located in Kawa, Sudan Africa. The Sphinx of Taharqo is made of sand stone. It has a height of 40.6cm and a width of 73cm. In African cultures, figures made with a human head and the body of a lion symbolizes Egyptian royalty and power. Also they could symbolize creatures of myths and legend. However in this particular sphinx it symbolizes the royalty and power of King Taharqo. This is not a typical sphinx because this one was build for a black man. King Taharqo was a powerful and a great leader of the Kush kingdom located in Sudan, Africa. He was so powerful that he was able to take over Egyptian ruling. When you take a closer look at the head of the sphinx, you might be
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