Spider Lake: A Short Story

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It was a brisk and spooky night when you and you closest friend are camping together in a pitch-black tent no bigger than the size of an undersized closet at Spider Lake. “What a ludicrous name” you think to yourself. You go about your day, setting up camp and take joy in being in the wilderness and getting to spend time with your best friend. Eventually you are both sleeping as in hibernation from the harsh winter. As you lay in blissful slumber, you suddenly feel what feels like little feathers dancing around your left hand. You feel this sensation for a few minutes enjoying each little stroke, until you feel it agonizingly slowly travel up your shoulder then to the life side of your face, eventually reaching the top of your eyelid. You awake…show more content…
You slowly creep with your hand slowly towards the puzzling object that is impleading on your sight. Immediately you feel miniscule hairs graze upon your hand. You instantaneously reach towards the lantern that will clear out this enigma. Almost immediately you are greeted with what appears to be hundreds, no thousands, of spiders the size of a tennis ball. You are frozen with horror when you notice that one is above your eye, appearing as if its glaring into your inner soul. You keep struggling to get up but can’t work up the vigor to do so. No matter how hard you struggle you can’t even call out to your friend, who seems to almost blend in with the manifest of black devil spawns. Uncertain of what to do next, you now understand why this area is called Spider Lake. Accepting your inevitable fate, you gently close your eyes, and know what is coming. You begin to realize no longer will you be able to enjoy the wilderness, or even get to soak in the sight and warmth of a midsummer sunset. As you think back to all those times, you immediately feel tranquility and realize, this is how it was always supposed to be, as you embark on your final
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