Spider Man Homecoming Analysis

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From raging hormones to feelings of inadequacy, the teenage life is a mountain to overcome. This is especially true for a teenager who has superpowers. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, the protagonist is a fifteen-year-old teenager who wants to use his powers for the betterment of mankind, but he also has to play the role of boring Peter Parker. I will first explain how Spider-Man: Homecoming is a part of the teen movie genre, which will merge into several ideologies throughout the movie that are a common trope in the teen movie genre. For example, having a feeling that you are meant for something greater, asking a girl out to a dance, finding someone older to look up to, wanting desperately to fit in with the cool kids, and rebelling against authority.…show more content…
The first scene I will discuss is when Tony Stark condemns Peter’s role in the destruction of the Statin Island Ferry (Homecoming). From the audience’s position, Tony Stark is portrayed as powerful while Peter becomes diminutive in his presence. Teenagers often feel this way when they are confronted by an adult and know what they did was wrong. Another example is when Toomes is driving his daughter and Peter to the dance. Do to the dark lighting and ominous tone of the scene it really expresses the danger that Peter is in (Homecoming). This scene almost accurately describes how a teenage boy might feel when he is alone with his date’s father. While in Homecoming the teenager is in actual danger by the father, in real life the teen feels like they are in danger because they are taking someone’s daughter out on a dance. In conclusion, Spider-Man: Homecoming is a movie that follows the teen genre. For instance, Homecoming addresses that teenagers feel like they do not know their place in the world. The film addresses the common teen trope that the boy is in pursuit of the girl of his dreams. The film also addresses that the feeling of being directionless and the desire to fit in with peers. Finally, the film addresses the classic feeling of rebellious youth that permeates youth culture. Spider-Man: Homecoming addresses all of these common traits found in teen
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