Spider Man Ideology

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According to the Critical/Cultural Theory, the media industry almost always exploits the masses. This industry produces formulized media content that appeals to mass audiences with the intent of displaying their own values and social/political status quo. While some may argue that the media is simply “displaying” content, it still undoubtedly has an effect on our lives whether it be directly or subconsciously. Often times, this is shown in a form of presenting stereotypes in genders, politics, races, age, sexual orientation, etc. In terms of how dominant ideology comes into play with the Critical/Cultural Theory, many of these stereotypes are denoted as a display of dominant ideology. Firstly, dominant ideology is defined as, “beliefs…show more content…
Marvel has created several movies that have dominated the box office such as The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man, Captain America and many more. Marvel films are frequently occupied by a male dominated cast. The main lead actors are male dominated and the women in these movies usually have less screen time. Specifically dissecting the Marvel film The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), there is no doubt that the female led displays signs of dominant ideology. Firstly, the main protagonist, Peter Parker (played by Andrew Garfield) is Spider-Man. Spider-Man is portrayed as a strong, intelligent and heroic figure. After discovering his new superhero powers, Peter Parker is out on a mission to solve the mystery behind his parent’s death. Nevertheless, the film also has a subplot: a budding romance between Peter Parker and high school sweetheart, Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone). Compared to male led, Gwen Stacy is portrayed as an obedient, pretty, and “resident "beauty queen".” (Marvel, N.D) In The Amazing Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy’s main purpose as a character is to be “saved” by Spider-Man and displayed purely as a romantic interest. During one particular iconic scene, Gwen Stacy is seen being quite literally carried out of danger in the arms of Spider-Man. Gwen Stacy’s character is displaying a stereotype. It enforces the notion that women have to have a “hero” and cannot save
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