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The story Spider’s Web is a murder mystery book written by Agatha Christie that focuses on giving the reader information and letting the reader make their own conclusion on the story. Afterwards, the truth is revealed and the reader is left in awe as their predictions were wrong the whole time. The beginning of the book was boring, mainly character development and building of the plot. But afterwards the story develops and the reader becomes aware of the entire situation from start to finish.
The story starts with a few of the main characters arguing over which wine is which in a blind wine tasting competition. This is where 3 of the main characters were introduced. Sir Rowland, the arrogant rich man who is old and is the guardian for
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The first 200 pages were plot development. The climax took place in the last 50 pages of the book, so the climax ended abruptly. But I also liked many parts of the book. At first I was confused, then I thought I knew what happened, and by the end I was left in awe, as the author gave me information and I thought I was correct, but in the end I was left in awe and the author completely destroyed my opinion. I thought I knew what was happening, and I thought that I knew who had done it, But I was proven wrong and my opinion was the furthest from the truth as it could be. The author knows how to write a murder mystery novel, and knows how to deceive their reader and leave them in awe knowing that their opinion was wrong People who enjoy murder mysteries would like this book, because it carries the right amount of mystery and confusion as to what is happening. It also gets the reader to really think about the story and what is happening in it. It is a novel for people who like to think and like to use their imagination to determine what will happen next in the story. People who like action and dislike long, drawn-out sequences of character development will not like this book. Most people will dislike the beginning, because it is bland, but most will like the ending, because it was perfect in how it was planned out and executed. This is my opinion on who would like the

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