Spike Lee's Rant Against Gentrification

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Most people can pinpoint the changes that occurred in their urban areas; they noticed more non-native individuals move into their urban neighborhoods, following them came the increase of rent and the change of scenery. There was always a name for this issue, but it never surfaced until the late 1990’s. The term Gentrification comes from British sociologist Ruth Glass. “Once this process of gentrification starts in a district it goes on rapidly until all or most of the original working class occupiers are displaced and the social character of the district is changed”. (Kissam 2) This epidemic has taken many urban neighborhoods by storm, From Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, and the most common Brooklyn. Between The year 2000 and 2010 the Percentage…show more content…
In 2014 Spike Lee’s rant against Gentrification caused awareness and brought national attention to this issue. Spike Lee grew up in Fort Greene and in his rant he touched on how he feels white people have come in and regulated the area. “Then comes the motherfuckin Christopher Columbus Syndrome. You can’t discover this! We been here. You can’t just come bogart” (Joe Coscarelli, spike lee 's amazing rant against Gentrification: “We Been Here! ') Referring to African drummers who played in Mount Morris parks for the past 40 years but are no longer allowed to due to complaints by new tenants. Even groups take gentrification head on for example The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network hold events often to protest and rally up more supporters. They plan to crash the 6th Annual Brooklyn Real Estate Summit. Their invitation says “Join the Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network (BAN) to plan an action on November 17th to show them that rampant gentrification will no longer be…show more content…
And that success story has put pressure on our housing stock. Coupled with ever-rising economic inequality, it has created a painful reality where more and more New Yorkers are spending more and more to cover their housing costs, and entire neighborhoods have lost their affordability…”(Nyc.gov, Mayor De’Blasio) The Mayor De Blasio Housing plan is to build affordable housing across the city providing 200,000 affordable housing units across the city. Shout out to Mayor Bill De Blasio for trying to bring everyone together into one big happy family. Where everyone will be able to afford housing and no one will have to blame the white people anymore... Looks like someone has been token tips from Oprah “You get an affordable house, you get a house, and you get a house. EVERYONE GETS A HOUSE!!! ”. Whether or not this act can l reverse the damage done by gentrification, now that 's a whole other

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