Spin O Brien Rhetorical Analysis

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Moreover, O’Brien’s miscellaneous word choice, and fragmented sentence structure play a huge role in reflecting his thoughts on the war. It helps readers understand the significance of the chapter, and connect us to the author on a deeper level. O’Brien’s short, and repetitive sentences mirror his personal struggles, and allow the audience to learn more about him. For example, the last sentence of “Spin” is, “..nothing to remember except the story.” (39) He repeats the word “story” four times to emphasize his reasoning for remembering these memories from Vietnam. Recalling the good memories, instead of the bad, can’t take away the pain and distress he continues to go through. O’Brien successfully uses diction as a strategy to get the readers to understand the overlying message that grief is apart of life, that can not be ignored.…show more content…
Some of them are depressing and melancholic, while others are sweet and amusing. One of the stories he mentions is about Mitchell Sanders picking lice off his body and “slowly, carefully depositing the lice”(30) in an envelope to the draft board. This does a nice job of lightening the gloomy feel that the beginning of the book presented. In another memory, O’Brien describes going to watch Norman Baker and Henry Dobbins play checkers each evening. “There was something restful about it.” O’Brien says. (31). “There were red checkers and black checkers.”(31). He analyzes the game of checkers, and contrasts it with the war. In a game of chess, there are strategies, rules, and a clear view of what is ahead. Readers learn that O’Brien is fearful of the unknown, which may be a result of Vietnam. Throughout the chapter, the unassociated anecdotes compare to the thoughts occurring in his mind, and help readers get to know him better as a
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