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Spina Bifida By: Nautica Scarboro
Spina bifida is birth defect where the baby 's backbone (spinal) does not develop correctly, and causes the spinal cord and the nerves to branch out. There are four types of spina bifida 1. Occulta 2. Closed neural tube defects 3.meningocele 4.myelomeningocele, occulta is the most common.
The cause of spina bifida is still a mystery. Scientist say that there are many reasons for this birth defect. Genetic nutritional, environmental factors, lack of folic acid and taking new medications are all known causes. Valproate and carbamazepine are 2 types of medication that cause spina bifida. Obesity and diabetes due to excess glucose in the blood messing with the baby’s development are some more causes. There are certain
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When needed, there is surgery done to close the defect, but the others are focused on helping with the complications that were caused by the defect. A device that you can use is a back brace, to help your back stay straight and not cause you to be hunched back. Some procedures that you may take into consideration if you have this birth defect are urinary catheterization, colostomy, cesarean section,urinary diversion and enema. There are many specialist that you can go see like a orthopedic surgeon that performs surgery for bones and muscles. Maternal fatal medication specialist that manages high risk pregnancies. Neurosurgeons that specialize in the nervous system is also a good specialist to visit. Going to a pediatrician is also a good idea because they perform medical treatment for teens infants and children. An Urologist treats urinary tract diseases, which was one of the symptoms of spina bifida, so if you experience that symptom it 's a good idea to visit that specialist. Medical geneticist diagnoses and manages hereditary disorders which is another specialist you could visit to help with the

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