Spinning Into Butter Play Analysis

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I watched Spinning Into Butter at Nerinx Hall’s Heagney Theatre. There are only seven characters who actually appear on stage, and they are Sarah Daniel, Ross Collins, Dean Catherine Kenny, Dean Burton Strauss, Mr. Meyers, Patrick Chibas, and Greg Sullivan. Simon is also a major character in this play, but he never actually comes out on stage. Lastly, the setting of this play is in Belmont, Vermont at a liberal arts college. Spinning Into Butter is not just about the many issues a college campus has to deal with, but it is about racism. There are two main storylines in this play. One main event is about a Nuyorican man named Patrick who is very proud of his ethnicity. However, most people do not care about the specific details, so when he is applying for a $25,000 scholarship his ethnicity has to be categorized. The lack of racial concern Sarah and the scholarship committee express…show more content…
Most people do not enjoy talking about sensitive topics because they feel uncomfortable, so it is amazing how someone would write a play discussing one of the most sensitive topics, which is racism. I would think, many people would stay away from watching a play that could cause them to feel awkward. However, I was surprised to find out that this play is very popular, and this play was even created into a movie. My favorite scene of Spinning Into Butter was ending because the characters were openly honest, and the only way to end racism is to talk about the issue. Furthermore, this play is relevant in everyone's life, so it easily makes a connection with the audience. The audience also becomes more engaged due to the funny dialog and actions between Sarah and Ross. An example of the noteworthy dialog is when the older man is discussing “useless” classes, and he mentions one of Ross’ classes while Ross is in the room. Furthermore, it is hilarious when Sarah is passive aggressive towards Ross, but he is confused to why she would be angry with

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