Spinozian God Research Paper

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The differences that I perceive between religious God and Spinozian God are that, he presented the fundamental elements of what he depicted as a God. For him God is the infinite, necessarily existing, the only substance in the universe which has infinite attribute which is infinite in number.
Spinoza gave four arguments to prove existence of God or Nature:
• Infinite substance is clear and distinct idea, we are finite and god is infinite, then we cannot reached to infinity to know whether there is god or not, so the idea of god is absolutely free from any type of contradiction as when we cannot contradict then it existence can’t be questioned, hence existence of god is possible
• As finite being, we are only producing finite being then we are going down the finite as but world is infinite.
• World is infinite, which contain so
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We relate our god with the concept of morality and ethics. Our religious or traditional understanding of god is related with the concept of aatma-parmatma, in a sense that we all are part of the some supernatural power who rules the world, and who sent us to this world for some hidden purpose. We relate our god more of our action but Spinoza’s god is principle of nature, everything that exist is the part of nature and out of nature and bought by nature which is infinite, inseparable and uncaused. In nature things do not exist for adjustment as it does not act for any purpose. The order of each substance simply comes from the attributes or essence of god that is inevitable. However, Spinoza’s god is the cause of all the things because everything is from the divine nature. For many god is the transcendent being who made the world apparent from itself by some spontaneous act of free will, as Spinoza deny that and for him the existence of the world is mathematically very essential to exist, for him existence of world and everything is absolutely and necessarily
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