Spiral Bound Notebook Analysis

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In graphic designs I recently created a spiral bound notebook. This project was created so we could learn how to use photoshop, and learn how to bind a notebook. Our project began with us deciding on a theme for our notebook. We had to have a fluent them throughout the notebook so I decided on baking. I then brought in a picture of a cupcake to photoshop. Then using the magic wand tool, and the eraser tool, I cleaned up the photo. This involved removing the background of the image and smoothing out the lines of the image. I then decided that I wanted different colored cupcakes, so using the brush tool I replaced the icing colors for the cupcakes. Once I had two different cupcakes, I brought them into a new page and created a background. Once I had the background how I wanted it, I merged all the cupcake layers…show more content…
I then picked a light blue color, and using the paint bucket tool, I filled in another layer, which was then put into the back. After my whole background was complete I made a copy, which allowed for me to have identical backgrounds for both the front and back cover. I found and cleaned up another shape, which became the medallion for my title and another picture on the front cover. Then I went online and downloaded a font from a website. This allowed for me to have a creative font on my cover. On the back cover I created another shape and then cleaned up and changed to colors of another cupcake. I went back to the front and back covers and made sure everything was centered and how I wanted it then I flattened the images. I also had to create an inside cover. This was done by drawing lines, downloading another font, and cleaning up and bringing in more images. After this was also flattened, I was ready to start the printing, cutting,
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