Spirit In A Christmas Carol

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In the original Disney movie, A Christmas Carol Ebenezer Scrooge is a very grumpy old man especially near Christmas. Seven years on Christmas Eve Mr.Scrooge´s partner Jacob Marley died from a really bad illness. On Christmas Eve Jacob Marley comes back from the dead all chained up and tormented to inform Ebenezer that three spirits will come and visit him in the middle of the night the first one at 1 o´clock A.M., the next at 2 o´clock A.M., and the last spirit at 3 o´clock A.M. Exactly at those times as Jacob said they would the first ghost appeared. The ghost of Christmas past had took him home to his old home town and showed how he went home on Christmas and was really happy to see his sister. After he got home they went to a get together with their friends and he fell in love with a woman named Alice, and got engaged eventually she made him choose between her or his money and of course he chose the money. Before his sister died after giving birth he got upset and left before he could hear that his sister wanted him to take care of her son.…show more content…
Tiny Tim Bob's son is crippled and will not have long to live. Scrooge starts to fell bad but not bad enough to give Bob a Christmas raise. Bob's wife Mrs.Crachit starts getting furious because they would not have enough of money to buy everyone everything they
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