Spirit In Me And The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian

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In the poem “Spirit in Me” by Esther G. Belin,and the novel “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie both characters share similar life experiences such as effects from alcoholism that affect their lives negatively. Everyone in life has a goal they need to reach and to reach your goal you might have to go through emotional times and so did Junior from the book and the speaker from the poem. Junior and the speaker were facing life the hard way because of the effects of alcohol.in the first story junirs family was being targeted by alcohole one by one becsue the rezervation was a place where evyone got got drunk and died because of that or they were killed by people who were drunk. “We’d lost my grandmother and Eugen…show more content…
To turn back both charcters sad life upside down they had to set a goal for themself and to accompish the goal in order to bringback their happiness.in the noval junir was not accepted by evryone in his tribe for going to a whites school and he was thought to be a apple from the inside white likt the whites and from the outdside red like a indian.junior wanted to prove to his tribe that goign to a whites school was a good ideal which he later on proved in the story by winning against his old schools basket ball team and gettign a scholorship for collage.the speaker had a goal to it was to stop alcohole the cause of most the deaths in her/his family.”i start to drive faster cuz the spirit of alcohole is still walking alongside me” the speaker told us that he/she was drunk beacuse the spirit of alchole was alogn side him/her meaning that the speaker was drunk in the poem the pseaker later on says how she would hear the spitit singing and talking sweet to her but even though she knew the lyrics she didint want to sing which ment that she didnt wasnt to srink becasue if she started sriking that ment she was going to be caged by the spitit of alcole which she
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