Spirit Of The Beehive Analysis

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A Political Film: The Spirit of the Beehive 耿傲楠 Miranda June 30, 2017 ENG400A Melissa Bailey The Spirit of the Beehive The story takes place in a remote town in Spain in 1940. An ordinary day, six years old Anna and eight years old sister Isabella goes to watch moive, it is a American horror film Frankenstein in 1931. The strange details of the film have given two little girls a different degree of shock. Besides, their parents are not in harmony for the long time, and lack their management. The film’s director express the feeling of the social situation by means of innuendo. It is a very good form of film expression. In addition, the spirit of the beehive is filled with symbolism about Spain’s military dictatorship. More…show more content…
This stiuation reflected the influence of military dictatorship on the people. A fictional brick countless times appear in the movie, the flexible use of the mapping way to the interpretation of the military dictatorship is for people with no reality whatever things, it will not be able to bring people the real thing. In the film, there is a plot where the father trampled on the poisonous mushroom. It wasimportant for Anna, which helped Anna build and perfect his father’s image, and led to some important associations. There is also a small plot, the father with two sisters indentify poisonous mushrooms, and it was more of a politically mischievous joke when the father took the two sisters to identify the mushroom, especially the last one in the film, “ never tell your mather”. (The spirit of the beehive). It feels more like a different system of inclusiveness. According to the author, “A surrealist film that applies literary surrealism to the genre of films. It inherited the creation advocate Andre serving East principle, emphasize the irrational behavior of the authenticity of the dream and the significance, not coordinated image of the column of personal emotional strength and the pursuit of pleasure.” (Surrealist Film). As a surrealist film, there are many special plots in this film. For example, it reflects the influence of war on people through implicit
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