Spirit Week Research Paper

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What is the significance of spirit week in school? Spirit week is a week where each day is themed, so that everybody/ anybody can dress up and show off their pride for their school. There are days like pajama day, retro day and also identical twin day that students as well as teachers and staff can dress up to get points for their class. Spirit week allows students to express their creativity, show their pride for their school and have an entertaining week. It is for those three reasons that spirit week should still be included in the school year. Spirit week lets students show how creative they are and it lets them dress up differently. For example, a day would be themed dynamic duo, and students would choose characters or items that go together and dress up like that. Students can dress up as peanut butter and jelly or spongebob and patrick. It's a great way for students to show their “artsy” side of them. On days like retro day it's interesting to see how students will dress up and the outfits that they choose. Spirit week is a way for students to dress up and let their creativity out through their outfits. Spirit week is also a way for students to show their pride for their school. Some schools have pep rallies and games for students to play to show pride for their class and school. For example, at Konawaena…show more content…
It gets interesting seeing what people come up with and how they dress up. There are people that you wouldn't think would dress up but spirit week brings out their inner “pride” for their school. It's cute to see and what people decide to dress up as. It's fun to have the activities and pep rallies during lunch and recess because it brings the whole school together to watch and it lets students show off what they wore and dressed up as. It's a fun way of getting students to show their pride and show off what they
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