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Family and Parents’ Roles The different emphasis of events and the source of problems in the stories possibly reflects parents’ roles. The producers of Coralinespent almost half of the film of the story in mood build-up, leaving the urgency of saving Coraline’s parents near the end after a fun but deceiving time provided by the Other Mother, while in Spirited Away, Chihiro is already faced by the unfortunate event of her parents turning into pigs approximately fifteen minutes to the film. Although this may account to the different story-telling styles of the directors, I feel like there is a deeper meaning into this. The style of Coraline is heavily centered on Coraline herself. She is often seen exploring the house and playing outside,…show more content…
3). The troubles she faced with the Other Mother is the result of her disobeying her mother and deciding on her own to open the locked door again once her mother is out of the house, even though she has the choice not to. While it is true that Coraline is driven to boredom, which results in her disobedience, by the lack of attention she gets from her busy parents, she is fulfilling her own wants and desires by going to the Other Parents and is on the verge of developing an independent sense of self (Coats in Gooding, 2009, p. 396). What Corliss calls “benign parental neglect” (2009, p. 2, par. 10) is one of the reasons why Coraline chooses to keep visiting the Other Parents and thus willingly pursue the mystery, but not the thing that drags her into the problems she will…show more content…
175). In Spirited Away, Chihiro basically has no choice but try to save her parents because, as mentioned before, she is dependent on them and has that reciprocal relationship with her parents, thus acting as her main source motivation that drives her to take initiatives. Unlike in the situation with Coraline, Chihiro’s parents are the sole reason why she is dragged into the other world at the end of the tunnel. If only her parents did not go in there and eat the foods that eventually turn them into pigs, Chihiro won’t have to go through a hard time trying to save them. Picture 4Chihiro’s parents eating the mysterious food while she looks on disapprovingly © Studio Ghibli, 2001 Her parents’ actions and the consequences Chihiro has to face in the wake of them reflect the Asian belief that the consequences of actions of the parents can be felt by their children. It goes hand-in-hand with the collectivist idea that another person’s actions can greatly affect the people around

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