St. Ignatius Of Loyola Analysis

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In the journey of faith so many holy men and women have tried to discover various ways and means to connect themselves with the Lord overcoming the existing spiritual obstacles. Among them, St. Ignatius of Loyola based on his own experience, found practical language to explain the contrasting movements that operate within one’s heart. He also developed certain tools to recognize these inner movements and respond to them effectively. He outlines all these tools and rules in his famous Spiritual Exercises.

1.1. Conversion
It is good to begin with the convalescent experience of Ignatius because it is the best introduction to the discernment of Spirits. Ignatius was born, the last of his father’s many children in 1491 at the castle of Loyola in Spain. After receiving the chivalric and academic education, at the age of thirteen, he was sent by his father to the household of the chief treasurer of King Ferdinand of Aragon. He remained there for a number of years. Later he entered the military service under Duke of Najera and Viceroy of Navarre. In 1521, when French troops entered Spain and advanced on Pamplona, Ignatius was there to defend it. However in
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These rules have become a locus on discernment. These help the retreatants in finding out the movements of the spirits in order that they grow in their commitment to Jesus Christ. There are always two persons in this process; the person making the retreat and the person guiding the retreat and God is present to both of them. In the discerning process, “The director helps the retreatant to discern the mysteries of the interior life in a practical way that is meant to lead to practical decisions and practical service of Christ.” Based on the rules the director interprets the experience of the retreatant in the light of the
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