Spiritual Journal Analysis

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Many people are uncomfortable about keeping a spiritual journal. Often, fear, timidity, lack of discipline and a belief that one 's voice is not worth being heard will discourage the spiritual journaler. Fear, timidity, discipline and voice are the four Spiritual Journaling Busters. This article will break down these four Journaling Busters and open you up to the possibility that spiritual journaling could be for you.

Spiritual Journaling Buster number one is fear. Getting started on sharing your spiritual story can be intimidating. You might ask questions like, "What materials do I need, what are the rules and what words should I write on that very first page?" Fear of journaling centers mostly around the details of getting started. The truth
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Spiritual Journaling Buster number two is timidity. Putting down those first few words takes guts. First time journalers often feel a bit shy. Timidity often stems from inexperience. The voices inside your head may say, "You are not a good writer, stick with what you know, or do something else that you 're better at." The truth is these voices speak lies. Journaling is not about being good at writing or becoming good at writing. Keeping a spiritual journal is about being good at being you. Share as you would share: in your style, with your ability and with your unique abilities. No need to be timid. Unless you choose otherwise, what you write stays between you and God so have courage and share!

Spiritual Journaling Buster number three is discipline. It is widely believed that you need discipline for journaling. Attitudes like, "I have to write every day with perfect grammar, handwriting and punctuation," discourage those considering keeping a spiritual journal. In reality, these expectations are yours and yours alone. No one is grading you or judging you but you. Free yourself from all the "shoulds" and use your spiritual journal however, whenever and wherever you 'd like. Enjoy the benefits of having a place where there are no
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