Spiritual Journey In Life Of Pi

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People go on physical journeys every day, but few go on mental and spiritual experiences. After people have gone through these types of experiences, it has changed their lives in a magnitude of ways. Consequently, in this story Pi’s life has changed so much he struggles to deal with these changes. He was in such a low spot he became closer to God on many occasions. When he was about to lose his faith something keeps him faithful. As he struggles on the Pacific Ocean, he builds a bond that keeps him alive and at the end, this bond still affects his life. In fact, in Life of Pi director Ang Lee shares a story how Pi goes through a mental and spiritual journey, and seeks a peaceful Life after.

When Pi wakes up in his bed, he heads to the top deck of the ship, where his life will change forever. Most people spend their whole life with their family through tough and easy times. After the next hour Pi’s family will all be dead. He has no idea how any of this happened, and will never know. Imagine losing your whole family and never knowing why or how, this alone can cause mental breakdowns and stress. Most people can 't handle this, now imagine spending 224 days at sea, that alone can be a mental journey. This puts him into a mental state where he spends most of his journey trying to get, himself together. We assume that Pi brings himself back together but we truly never know.

When Pi is visiting his cousins he comes across Christian faith, and this is not his only

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