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Spiritual life and participation in various celebrations were the key elements for successful communal living. Each commune had their own distinctive traditions, beliefs, and practices: Christians studied the Bible and prayed, Hindus and Zennists meditated, members of the Farm attended weekly preaching of their leader; other communes experimented with various spiritual experiences combined with the use of psychedelic drugs. The hippies’ fascination with spiritual life could manifest itself through simple pre-meal rituals and blessings, or in the interest in more exotic ideas, such as sun yoga, astrology, or the use of Ouija boards. Additionally, important events, like weddings, or child-birth, were also richly celebrated, and included “chanting, circle dancing, incense-burning, singing, and the use of visual decorations including homemade God 's eyes, wildflowers, and fantastic clothing.” (Miller, 216) Other notable spiritual performances were rain dances with instruments, and smoking the chillum - smoking marijuana and tobacco in a circle, combined with prayers to a number of gods.…show more content…
Many communes had skilled musicians, painters, writers, sculptors, and other gifted artists in their ranks, and the process of creating or performing art was always a common experience. Musical concerts of rock and folk bands were common; amateur theatrical plays were also a very popular spectacle. John Coate shares an especially interesting account of his musical experience during his stay in The Farm – there was always the official “The Farm Band”, whose songs and lyrical message were strictly controlled by the leader, Stephen, who was in favor of folk music. Coate, on the other hand, preferred rock’n’roll and created his own band within the Farm – “The Wild Dogs,” which performed covers of The Rolling Stones, who were considered by some people as “uncool,” overly sexual, and violent.
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