Spiritual Need Assessment

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Spiritual Need Assessment Spiritual histories are taken as part of the regular history during an annual exam or new patient visit, but can also be taken as part of follow-up visits, as appropriate. The acronym FICA, F- faith and belief, I-importance and influence, C-community, and A-address (The George Washington Institue of Spirituality and Health, n.d.). FICA Spiritual Assessment Tool serves as a guide for conversations in the clinical setting. This paper will analyze the interview assessment of a fellow coworker.
Analysis of the Interview Experience This interview occurred in the home of a B.M. a 54 year old black female whose chosen religion is Christianity. B. M. suffers from hypertension and had been hospitalize several times for increased high blood pressure. B. M. gave in great information about her spirituality, and her religious practices. What went well in particular was the fact that this person was extremely spiritually inclined and has a strong religious practice. So within the interview, the ability to address her particular religious practice and spirituality flowed freely. In the future different perspectives, different religious references might be explored in order to gather more diverse information and understanding of other religions. In
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It was a rewarding experience to listen to her express her love for God. Using a spiritual assessment tool help establish a trust between clinician and patient. Therefore, a spiritual assessment tool is intended to establish a nature of trust by demonstrating to the patient that the healthcare professional is willing to listening to the patient about his or her spiritual concerns, (The George Washington Institute for Spirituality & Health, n.d.) and provide the healthcare worker the skills to assess the spriiual need to determine if a spriritual leader or chaplin is
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