Holistic, Cultural, & Spiritual Nursing

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Holistic, Cultural, & Spiritual Nursing

Sandra Chavez

Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing

February 17th, 2018

Holistic, Cultural, & Spiritual Nursing

In my hospital we provide service to a great number of Vietnamese patients. Some aspects of their culture are fascinating. They dress in colorful clothes and their food is so different that trying to feed them our standard hospital food is always challenging. Something that catches my attention is the profound respect that they show for nurses and doctors in the unit.
Vietnam is in the eastern coast of Asia, it shares borders with China and Cambodia. In 2010, there were 1,548,449 immigrants from Vietnam in the United States. They were considered the 4th largest Asian group in the
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Because of these characteristics, many patients avoid asking not even minimal questions, they will not express any disagreement or express concern, and they will not communicate intentions that are not in agreement with the physician's recommendations or instructions. If the patient is not in agreement with the doctor or if the patient does not understand, they just listen, and they respond yes to everything, but they will not come back to complete treatment or for further evaluation or to follow up with any treatment (EthnoMed, n.d.).

Space orientation
There is no private space in public and at home, it is very limited. Cities in Vietnam are crowded, streets are very busy venues and people appear less polite because they are not seen as individuals. Elders usually receive more space as a sign of profound respect (Global Mobility Services, n.d.).

Time orientation
Time is not considered more important than keeping a relationship, and it is accepted that respecting a relationship can interfere with adhering to a schedule or a set time. Being on time is important for business reasons, but personal meetings and appointments do not start nor end on time (Global Mobility Services,
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Confucianism underlies many Vietnamese traditions shared by people of various religions. Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Catholicism. Vietnamese culture celebrates the new year between January 19 and February 20. It's called Tet and it represents new beginnings. (EthnoMed, n.d.).

Prayer and Meditation
Confucianism influences many of their religious practices, but Confucianism is considered more a behavior's code than a religion, Confucianism recommends altruism, it values obligation, and they believe that the man creates his own path in life. (EthnoMed, n.d.). References
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