Spirituality And Spirituality In Nursing

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January of this year a nurse passed away in the neuro/stroke unit at sharp Grossmont hospital her name was Lorenzo, the newer nurses did not really know this nurse, but the older nurses cried their hearts out. The situation was so sad that the newer nurses started to wonder what made this nurse so special aside being their colleague. A new nurse in the unit asked the manager who was this person? she seemed special, and the unit manager explained to the new nurses that she was special because of her “spirituality and faith”. The new nurse later found out that whenever Lorenzo was assigned to work she would stop by the hospital chapel downstairs to pray and meditate, asking God for strength and wisdom to be the best nurse to her patients and…show more content…
Spirituality has been defined in many ways by various faith religion and authors. Amy, R. Krentzman (2016) In her definition of spirituality explained that spirituality was a broad aspect of life, and it give people deeper meaning and calling, some people associated it to God, a higher being, religion or faith. One thing was common, it was something meaningful and personal, an encounter you had to experience and hold on to. Myers and Willard, (2013) Defined spirituality as “the capacity and tendency to present in human being to find and construct meaning about life and existence” (p. 149). They further defined it as a decision made consciously by an individual or a person to improve on themselves, enhance personally and with regards to other people. With the different definitions of spirituality over the years, it suffices to say that, spirituality is a part that leads people to finds themselves, a higher calling, help them become better people and achieve personal growth and balance within. Religion on the other hand is and can be seen as a way of conveying and relating one’s spirituality. There are deferent religions all over the world example is Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and many more. Myers S. and Witmer. (2000), defined religion as institutional belief and behavior that are a part of broader concept of spirituality (p.…show more content…
Being at peace within does not only benefit the person finding their spirituality, it also reflects on the people around them. A nurse with an inner peace will be able to radiate kindness and love to assigned patients easily allowing an environment of trust between nurse and patients. Some work places might not allow open practice of faith and religious believes, but that should not be a factor, we as nurses should still be able to relay our spirituality in our kindness, smile, attention to details, listening, and being there for our patients. In our various roles as floor nurses, leaders, and supervisors finding our inner peace can help us lead faithfully, react differently to certain situations and treat our subordinates with respect and

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