Spirituality In Health Care

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Spirituality can be a very important factor in many people’s life. According to the Physical Examination and Health Assessment book, “Spirituality is borne out of each person's unique life experience and his or her personal effort to find purpose and meaning in life” (Jarvis, 2016, p 15). Spirituality differs in everyone because most the time people have a different definition on what exactly spirituality is. It can be found anywhere at any time especially in the hospital scene when patients depend on it. People do not realize it, but it can have an effect on how they seek medical help or proper care when they are in need, especially with the person’s care plan, or when a physically assessment needs to be completed.
Client’s Spirituality
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They also donate bread or meat to the church in the sick person’s name for the same reason. When Ms. Gastelum or a loved one is in the hospital the whole family and members from the church visit the sick patient to provide love, care, and support for each other. This is important to know as a health care provider to understand how their religion and culture is. Ms. Gastelum would want her own priest from her church to come and visit and pray for her instead of the clergy service provided by the hospital. There is not a big difference in her opinion, but it is more comforting to know the priest. Something specific about Gastelum’s spirituality is that it is more of a religion and culture based concept rather than just the book definition. This being said it is important to know every patient’s spiritual beliefs because some people like Ms. Gastelum can feel more comfortable in the hospital if the providers were more open and understandable of her beliefs. Gastelum talked about how special her cross and bible are to her and if she were ever to go into surgery she would want to have one near her or
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