Spirituality In Nursing

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Spirituality is core of nursing professional identity (Hensel & Laux, 2014). It was reported that nursing students perceived high level of spirituality in them (Shores, 2010). However, it is essential to include spirituality in nursing curricula to meet the demands of the profession (Wallace et al., 2008). As nursing students experience stress to meet their academic demands and clinical requirements (Jimenez, Navia-Osorio, & Diaz, 2010). Besides, spiritual health is negatively related to stress and depression among nursing students (Lee, 2014). Whilst spiritual health is positively correlated with health-promoting behaviors (Hsiao, Chien, Wu, Chiang, & Huang, 2010), health (Espinha, de Camargo, Silva, Pavelqueires, & Lucchetti,
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Here spiritual well-being is measured in four domains based on person’s relationship with self-i.e. intra-personal (personal), others (communal), nature (environmental) and with God (transcendental). Essentially, spiritual well-being is an internal resource that helps an individual to cope well with stressors (Landis, 2009). Many studies have reported importance of spirituality in nursing. Spirituality and spiritual care should be part of nursing curriculum to provide quality nursing care to patients(Wu, Liao, & Yeh, 2012 ; Cooper, Chang, Sheehan, & Johnson, 2013). However spirituality education program equips student nurses to identify their inner strength & resource to provide holistic care to patients (Wallace et al., 2008). This not only improves psychological well-being of a nurse but also her therapeutic nursing skills (White, 2014). Studies have reported mindfulness and self-compassion are significantly correlated with psychological well-being (Hollis-Walker & Colosimo, 2011; Neff, Rude, & Kirkpatrick, 2007; Baer, Lykins, & Peters,…show more content…
There was a positive correlation between spiritual well-being sub-scales and mindfulness, satisfaction with life, self-compassion. Our results are in line with previous studies. A study that reported increase in mindfulness increased spirituality (Carmody et al., 2008). While Self-compassion is positively correlated with satisfaction with life (Yang, Zhang, & Kou, 2016). And there was significant association between spiritual well-being and satisfaction with life (Jafari et al., 2010). Putting all together, spiritual well-being and psychological well-being are significantly correlated (Coleman & Holzemer, 1999; Ellison & Fan,
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