Spirituality Of Water In The Bible

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The spirituality of water was a central theme focused on in biblical spirituality. Water plays a significant role in the Bible and is brought up throughout the biblical text with topics ranging from droughts, baptism, guidance, and many other stories. Sara C. Juengst addresses the importance of water through God, writing that water is “a powerful symbol of God’s blessing, of spiritual refreshment, of hope, of growth, and of life” Juengst’s book, Like a Garden: A Biblical Spirituality of Growth, will be examined to discuss water in relation to spirituality and God. With that being said, water is a blessing from God and a necessity for life. Many species depend on water for survival and often settle in areas near a water source. In addition, water can provide spiritual refreshment, leading to the restoration of the soul. By putting yourself near water, you would be able to experience the healing powers of water through physical and spiritual properties.
Without water, life itself would not exist; water is a blessing from God
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Water is a blessing from God and an essential factor for much life on Earth. Based on scientific facts, we would not be alive without water. Water is something that should not be taken for granted because many people around the world still do not have access to water. Water is granted to those who praise God, but great power countries have the ability to give water out to everyone by using big companies that steal water from the land. This act of stealing water and selling it for profit allows water to be readily available to those who do not praise God. Healing powers are present in water whether it is healing of the spirit or body. Just being near a body of water can ease the soul from distress, worry, and helplessness. Overall, being near water allows restoration of the soul through God’s
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