Spirituality Reflection Paper

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Life has given me many opportunities to observe God’s spirituality in people. I sincerely hope that I can attain half of what some people I admire have. It is through their behavior and absolute Love of God that
I too have aspired to be as they are to Our Creator, Our Lord. It is out of the deepest respect from my heart that my dear cousin Garth has shown me that
God is all you need. He said something to me and it has remained with me,
The Lord will provide. He has for all of us, and those simple words never left my side. His brother my dear cousin Colin, I saw an absolute awesome Love and devotion to God while standing beside him at our church service. I totally respect him and aspire to be as engulfed in the magnitude
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I do believe it is important to have a foundation in your belief system. I have included prayers for some of these Sacraments in this book. To have an effective prayer be devoted to what you are asking for.
Be loving to God while performing the prayer. Concentrate and be willing to give God your full attention. It is important for your well being to be well rounded, and part of that is to maintain your physical, mental, and your spiritual health. An efficient prayer is one that is devoted and loving to God while performing your prayers. Prayers can be performed in several ways, I will mention a few different examples. You can talk to God after reading verses in the Bible and meditating on them. I especially enjoy The Psalms or Proverbs and then connecting to God. Sometimes it is helpful to pray with your eyes open looking at a candle, picture of a Saint or Jesus, or a religious statue. Sometimes reading the prayers given to us by others, there are truly many beautiful inspirational prayers in this world. You can also write your thoughts or quietly sit and then write what God is actually telling you. While performing a prayer with another person and perhaps it is a very serious subject I have anointed the person before the prayer by doing the sign of the cross on their forehead and using special anointing oil. I use Rose of Sharon anointing oil from Jerusalem, but you can find one that is special
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