Split Ring Permeability Research Paper

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Design of SRR and its impact on Effective permeability due to change in dimensions S.K.Sahu,C.S.Mishra,G.Palai Electronics and Communication Engineering Gandhi Institute for Technological Advancement Bhubaneswar, India e-mail-gpalai28@gmail.com,csmisra2010@gmail.com Sudhakar Sahu School Electronics engineering KIIT University Bhubaneswar, India Abstract—The effect of effective permeability on split ring resonator (SRR) due to the change of configuration is reported in this research. The uniqueness of proposed SRR is that it can be magnetically coupled to a transmission medium. On suitable shunting to CPW or micro strip technique, it is possible to resonate at different frequency. The shunt strip creates a medium that exhibits negative effective permeability. Here we tried to show the kind of shift in effective permeability due to change in dimension like split gap, radius and size of the ring. Keywords—Effective permeability; SRR; CPW; SRR; MTM Introduction In 1968 Veselago predicted about a material that possess both μ and ε to be negative simultaneous [1-3]. It took nearly three decade to produce such material. The concept involved with this phenomena strongly depending on structure rather than composition. The structure may be the order the wave length or even much lesser than…show more content…
A time-varying magnetic field applied perpendicular to the rings surface induces a currents which produce a rotating magnetic field that may either be opposed or enhanced to the incident field, thus resulting positive or negative effective μ [11]. As far the structure is concern here the dimension ‘w’ represents width of the ring where as ‘d’ defines the gap between the ring irrespective of circular or rectangular SRR. From figure 1 inner radius assumed to be ‘r’ and ‘a’ representing size(unit cell) of

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