Spokanimal Swot Analysis

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SWOT ANALYSIS: Strengths: The first strength of SpokAnimal is that they have great hours of operation. SpokAnimal is open Monday - Friday from 11AM- 6PM, and on weekends from noon - 4PM. This supports SpokAnimal and their goal of increasing community involvement because it give people a wide range of times that people can come in to volunteer. The second strength SpokAnimal has is that Spokane's Mayor Condon and the city of Spokane itself have launched a volunteer initiative, with the hopes of getting more people involved in the community (“Spokane mayor unveils,” 2014). This will support SpokAnimal and the goal of increasing community involvement, because they now have a direct city initiative to help bring attention to their cause.…show more content…
These help SpokAnimal, with their ability to increase community involvement because these newsletters, contain information about what events SpokAnimal is holding and how people can participate in them. Weaknesses: The first weakness that SpokAnimal has when it comes to increasing community involvement, is that many people are allergic to cats and dog, and therefore fear volunteering due to the symptoms they may experience. The second weakness that SpokAnimal has when it comes to increasing community involvement, is that SpokAnimal is lacking in their advertising of alternative community involvement, such as their Planned Giving which “provide[s] the resources that create extraordinary opportunities and preserve [their] future while also helping [the public] to achieve [their] own financial objectives (SpokAnimal, 2015). Opportunities: The first opportunity that SpokAnimal has is partnering with local pet stores or veterinary clinics. This would be advantageous for SpokAnimal because local pet stores and veterinary clinics already have a passion for animals and those who come into the places of business do as well. By promoting volunteer opportunities at these types of place, SpokAnimal could increase community…show more content…
Many people may fear volunteering with a place like SpokAnimal because of the potential to be attacked by these animals. This makes the community less receptive to involvement and volunteering efforts. A second threat to SpokAnimal, and their ability to increase community involvement would be that SpokAnimal is just one of the seven shelters located within the Spokane area. With so many other shelters available, many people may choose other shelters over SpokAnimal, or feel that with so many shelters in the area, community involvement and volunteering is less of an immediate issue. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The purpose of the public relations proposal is to increase community involvement in SpokAnimal, thus giving animals a better opportunity to be adopted. AUDIENCE ANAYLSIS: Local high schools and universities: Local high schools and universities have an abundance of students who need work experience and volunteer hours. Local high schools and universities need to know that SpokAnimal provides an opportunity to gain work experience and volunteer hours needed for course work and personal
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