Spoken Language: The Evolution Of The Origin Of Language

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Introduction There are roughly 6500 spoken language in the world today. People mostly spend their life talking and destining and advanced society reading and writing. The use of language is an intrinsic part of being human. It is clear that language and abstract thought are very close to each other but many people think that these two characteristic distinguish human being from animals.
It is true that all social animals communicate with each other, from bees and ants to wheels and apes, but only humans have developed a language which is more than set of prearranged signals. No doubt human speech differs in physical way from the communication of other animals. It is impossible to find out that when and how the special talent of language is developed, but it’s clear that its evolution must have been a long process to develop.
Origin of language
The origin of language is a huge debatable topic over the years. Spoken language is impermanent, there is only in direct evidence of emerging.
The origin of the first language concerned with two hypotheses. Neither cab be proven or disproved by given present knowledge.
1. Belief in divine creation: A language is the gift of the gods to humans. The most familiar is forward in (Genesis 2:19), that tell us that Adam gave names to all living creatures. It is not proven that language is as old as human’s history. But it is clear that human exist languages exist.
2. Natural evolution hypothesis: at some point humans evolved a language

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