Spongebob Is A Good Role Model

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There are many different types of shows and cartoons that we watch in our daily lives. Fighting in Cartoons causes some kids to have violent nature. As kids we absorb information much more early, that why as kids we put things in our mouths to experiment. Fighting in cartoons causes violent in our kids an example of these cartoons is Pokémon. From the cartoons we begin idolize the character and want to become more like them an example of a cartoon is SpongeBob because SpongeBob has been running for years and there’s bound to be some kids that idolize and want to be more like SpongeBob. In the end we need to find role models in cartoons that kids can look up to so they don’t become Violent. What type of role model is the best type of role model?…show more content…
The best type of role model is one that teaches a good life lesson. What’s part of a good life lesson? A good life lesson stays with you your whole life. A good lesson affects they life in way that changes’ in a good way. You also gain new characteristic from life lessons; an example is courage, bravery or confidences. “While many American children believe athletes motivate them to follow their dreams, they’re also mimicking the bad behavior of their sports heroes on the playing field, a new

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