Spongebob Short Story Analysis

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SpongeBob: Ah, what a wonderful day. The sun is out, the water is shimmering, scallops are chirping. So peaceful. (SpongeBob grabs wood, hammer, and nails, then starts building a bubblestand.) Squidward: Can we lower the volume, please? I can't work with all that racket going on! SpongeBob: Oh, sure thing, Squidward. Squidward: Ha, yeah right. SpongeBob: Okay. (SpongeBob taps on the nail lightly, then looks up at Squidward's window, and repeats this 5 times.) Squidward: And now,for some soothing sounds from Squidward's clarinet. Thank you, thank you. (Squidward starts to play. SpongeBob looks up and sees that Squidward is playing his clarinet, so he decides to finish building the stand quickly. Squidward looks out at SpongeBob.) Squidward:…show more content…
with two hands! (SpongeBob inhales deeply, and blows an elephant bubble while circus music starts playing. Patrick starts laughing.) Patrick: It's a giraffe! (The elephant floats into Squidward's house and explodes. Squidward angrily walks outside and goes toward the bubblestand.) SpongeBob: Excuse me sir, but we are cl... Squidward: Don't give me any of that! How can you two possibly make all this noise just blowing bubbles? SpongeBob: We're not just blowing bubbles, we're making bubble art! Watch carefully. First go like this, spin around. Stop! Double take three times. One, two three. Then pelvic thrust. Whooooooo, whooooooo. Stop on your right foot, don't forget it! Now it's time to bring it around town. Bring-it-a-round-town. Then you do this, then this, and this, then this, then that, then this and that, and then... (SpongeBob blows a butterfly which flies over to Squidward, lands on his head, and finally pops.) Squidward: That's not art! That's just annoying! Blowing bubbles, that's the lamest idea I have ever heard! (SpongeBob and Patrick put their head down as they walk to Sponge's house.) Squidward: You should be ashamed of yourselves! Bubbles. Ha.…show more content…
Squidward: Technique? Technique? Technique, technique, technique, technique, technique! First I do this, spin around. Stop. Double take three times. And here we go... pelvic thrust. Whooooooo, whooooooo. Oh, stop on your right foot, don't forget it. Then bring it around town. And a little of this, a little of that, a little of this, a little of that, this, that, and this. And that and this. this that this that. Then ahhhhh! Ahhhhh!! Squidward blows huge bubble that lifts him off of the ground.) SpongeBob and Patrick: Wow! SpongeBob: All right Squid! That was so good! Patrick: Squid is number one! Squidward: I really did it, didn't I? You guys didn't blow anything like that! SpongeBob: No. Squidward: Now that's a bubble! SpongeBob: You said it, Squidward. See, it is all in the technique! Patrick: Yeah, technique. Squidward: Technique? Ha! SpongeBob, you don’t think I created that... (Squidward kisses one of his tentacle.) Squidward: ...beautiful work of art with your help? Come on, it's in my genes. SpongeBob and Patrick: Squid's got genes! Squid's got

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