Sponsoring Hope Case Study

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The immigration system is not something people think about every day, but it is a huge problem for the individuals coming to America. Many people want to come to America because of the opportunities, one being education. Immigrants may have the opportunity to come to America, but cannot afford to go to college to receive the education deserved. There needs to be an education plan provided to immigrants. This new program, called Sponsoring Hope, will provide immigrants with sponsors who pay for them to attend school. After the immigrant, has received the education of their choice then they will begin the process of repaying their sponsor. This program will benefit the immigrants and the community; therefore, it should be offered to all immigrants.…show more content…
These people think the immigrants may drop out of college, then the sponsors will lose the money they provided. Sponsoring Hope will provide a contract, including if the immigrant does not finish their schooling, then they will still be entitled to the money they owe and could be deported. “The best estimate is that in 2003–04, about a quarter of the nation 's 6.5 million degree-seeking community college students came from an immigrant background (Teranishi, Saurez-Orozco, Saurez-Orozco).” This research shows many immigrants are capable of learning challenging college information, but they are not always given the chance to try. Sponsoring Hope will be their chance. Moreover, these individuals have chosen to do whatever they can to come to America and receive an education, for them dropping out of college is not an option. Also, some people believe immigrants will take jobs from Americans, but these immigrants are willing to do anything to receive these jobs. They have worked for their education and deserve the job just as much as anyone else. The jobs are not being given away to just anyone, they are being awarded to qualified individuals who have worked to receive

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