Supervalu Advertising Strategy

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Sponsorship Strategy and advertising strategy of SuperValu
In this essay I will be looking at the marketing communications strategy of SuperValu. SuperValu was founded in 1979 out of the larger Musgrave 's VG Chain, the smaller stores became Centra. They have 193 stores in the Republic of Ireland and 36 as of 2004 in Northern Ireland. In 2011 Superquinn was bought by Musgrave group the parent company of SuperValu. In August 2013 all Superquinn stores were rebranded to SuperValu. SuperValu 's marketing is focused on proving that their products are less expensive than rivals Dunnes Stores and Tesco with their "SuperValu Price Promise" where they guarantee low prices on big brands, outstanding promotions and quality own brand products.
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Giving out samples or trials of products is expensive but this is a relatively inexpensive, but not free, way of getting awareness for a product that may have substitutes. It 's about brand switching. For example in the products on promotion in SuperValu there is a relatively new product in Muller Corner Bliss yogurts. It was realised to the market mid July '14 and this sales promotion may be a way of boosting sales of the product in the early stages and get the product know to consumers. It can also be used defensively for established products and to retain shelf space and customers, for example Kellogs doing a sales promotion in Supervalu may be to justify keeping them on the shelves if they can get some people to switch from on cereal brand to the "premium" Kellogg 's…show more content…
They are generally aimed to match up that is that if a company is sponsoring a sporting event the sponsor should have some sort of relationship. Whether it be direct or just related to the activity of the sponsor. For example Tag Heuer, widely regarded as one of the best and most accurate watch makers, Sponsors sporting events like Formula 1 and Golf. What have they got in common you may ask, well there all about precision, Tag Heuer is trying to get the time right, in the F1 they are trying to get the best time but it must be accurate and precise and golf as a sport is all about taking time and trying to precisely land the ball where you want it. There relatable, sponsors are not just picked solely on which is the most popular, but taking into account what the mutual value would be. The actions of both parties effect each other, one does something bad, there may be repercussions. For example the Tiger Woods scandal. Pressure in the media made Nike and other sponsors drop him as a sponsor due to his actions. This of course also ties in with Public Relations which attempt to rescue an image of a company in such a situation. Sponsorship is used mainly as a means of gaining awareness, developing customer loyalty and improving the perception of a brand or organisation. It can also help with finding and attracting new stakeholders. This may then allow for
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