Spoon River Anthology Analysis

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In Edgar Lee Masters book, Spoon River Anthology, is about the lives of these people in a little village called Spoon River. One of the poems Willie Pennington, He wrote about how he was always compared to his siblings. The first two lines are about how they see himself compared to his brothers. While he was always the weaklingg, the simpleton. His brothers are strong and beautiful. Since he was young he was not able to be anything like his brothers since he was told that he was not like them. In the next two lines, he talks about how he was the youngest in his family. Since he was the youngest that he did not inherit much from his parents. The only thing was whatever was left over from what his brother had got. Sadly it was only a little…show more content…
When it said ,In the fury of the flesh, He man that they were having physical relationship with women. Or it can mean that the brothers would just show off their strengths on the outside and not what's on the inside. The next line describe how the brothers would make the use of the senses in the wrong way. Maybe it was them doing drugs or drinking too much. The last line in that chunk, the says that his brothers were hardened by lust. It probably meant that they were going through physical relationships. Lust can go for anything else too like money or power. This whole time that his brothers were doing all of these things in spoon rivers Willie was not like his brothers at all. He did not do anything like his brothers because of two reasons; Since they were all treated differently they grew up differently. Some better than others. His brother became rich and famous because of all of their actions. For Willie, he was different. He calls himself a weak and a simpleton but for a different reason. It continues to the fact that he was going through a different pace than his brothers. the next line he describe his life in a corner, not noticeable he has visions of
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