Spoon River Anthology Themes

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The movie The Sixth Sense and the book Spoon River Anthology delve into life and death through different ways but share the same themes and ideas.The common themes and ideas in both are: Do not have unfinished business finish what you started, listen to other people they may need help or want help, lastly learn to face problems not run away from them or take the easy way out.
The movie Sixth Sense and the book Spoon River Anthology share a common theme. The theme is doing not leave your life with unfinished business finished what you started. In the sixth sense, Malcolm even though he was dead finished what he started. In the beginning Malcolm, the doctor gets shot by Vincent gray because Malcolm could not fix the problem that Vince had, which was that he could see dead people. The doctor got his chance to fix his mistake by working with Cole, who had the same the problem, he could see dead people just like Vincent could. These same Themes apply to the Spoon
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In Spoon River one of the Poems was about Johnny Sayrie. Johnny and his Friends would jump on trains. His father advised him against it because he could get hurt. Sure enough Johnny got hit by a train which resulted with him having his legs badly cut up and he ended dying because he lost too much blood. If Johnny would have listen to his father then he would still be alive where johnny and his father could be living a happy life. The example with Johnny shows happened when someone does not listen and a tragic accident occurs. But in the sixth Sense the opposite happen with Malcolm and his problems with his wife which he could not fix until Cole told Malcolm” If want to talk do it when she is sleeping, she’ll have to listen then.” Malcolm listen to cole and he told his wife while she was sleeping that he was sorry for not spending enough time with and that he loved her. Malcolm finally gained closure with his wife and was able to let her
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