Spooner Film Analysis

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In the movie we know that Spooner is not trust in those robot, Spooner is haunted by the fact that a robot chose to save him, and not a young girl, from a sunken car because strict logic dictated that he had a greater chance of surviving and contributing to society (Tom Neven, 2004). In this case, he don’t ever trust the robot anymore. Spooner discovers a new model NS-5 robot hiding in Dr. Lanning’s office. It's no ordinary robot. It has emotions. It can dream. And it has an apparent motive to murder the good doctor. This throws U.S. Robotics into an uproar.(Tom Neven, 2004) First I thought this movie was just an adventure type of the movie, but through all the story part I noticed that it informed a lot of messages to us. We definitely can

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