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Exercise and Sport Psychology is a science that incorporates physiology, kinesiology, psychology and other related science disciplines. The purpose is to understand the psychological factors that affect the performance of athletes and teams. Studying exercise and sport allows for a greater understanding on how participation affects physical health and psychological development. Exercise and Sport psychology is meant for all not just elite athletes. Children, seniors, average athletes, ect. can each benefit from working with a sport psychologist. The three primary roles of Exercise and Sport Psychologist are teaching, research, and consulting. For those that teach, it is typically in a university setting to teach courses in psychology or sport…show more content…
The first role is a Sport Psychologist that is trained to work with athletes, coaches and referees. Sport Psychologists share the same credentials as licensed psychologist which means they are trained to work with people that have severe emotional disorders. The disorders that Sport Psychologist typically deal with include eating disorders, substance abuse, anxiety, and depression. The second role is an Educational Sport Psychology Specialist which uses the approach of a mental coach, meaning that they specialize in the understanding psychology of human movement. It is typically that an Educational Sport Psychology Specialist is well versed in physical education, kinesiology, or exercise and sport science. Their main focus is to educated and increase awareness of issues such as managing anxiety and confidence development with athletes and…show more content…
Coaches play a vital role on any team regardless the sport. The main priority of coaches is to help their athletes grow physically and mentally. Due to the fact that coaches have a direct effect on the performance of athletes, the aid of a sport psychologist to assist coaches is crucial. Sport psychologist primarily focus on the behaviors of coaches and how that impacts the performance of athletes. Sports psychologist specialize in dealing with conflict whether that be between teammates or between coaches. For a professional team, a sport psychologist plays a vital role in ensuring that the team is at a healthy mental state and prepared to

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