Essay On Esport

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How to define a sport ? If we bookly define the term sport, a physical exertion and require skills for competition, also for entertainment. We influence sport in everyday life. We interact with it in many forms that related to sport; such as cheering, watching, and playing it. But in some cases, “sport” has an abstract meaning to me. People keep trying to come up one true definition of sport, but they can’t find the same voice in centuries. Everyone have their own belief in their “sport”. Today, eSport gains such a tons of players itself. Is it really a sport like its name mentioned ? What is eSport ? players clash their wills and skills at each other in a competitive stage or arena. Society calls these players as “gamers”. The advancement of technology takes over our daily activities; therefore looking for an opponent, comrades, and rivals . In many type of network, gamers can connect to each other and compete their skills. We used the term “eSport” long time ago. It started with a network called Local Area Network, also known as LAN. Gamers begin to run this network to connect two or more nearby computers together to fight. Then it grew worldwide thank to the power of internet help people stay connected. So if sport involves in physical exertion and reflexive agility to compete,…show more content…
Gamers and athletes have a lot of similar in conditions, opportunities, and diversities. In some country that has a strong organization of gaming, they licence gamers as a real degree that they desire for their career. Not only that, some university foreseen the potentials of eSport and viewed professional gamers as varsity level athletes, scholarship for gamers has been given out. eSport gamers possess the same ethic that traditional athletes do. Players show their sportsmanship in a excellent manner as typing good game at the end, sometime is written as “gg”. The same goes for when athletes shake hand each other after their
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