Sport Eligibility Rule

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A student is failing two of his classes and gets kicked off the sports they were on. This student now has a low self-esteem and feels like there is no point to do her school work because she is already kicked out of her sport. She doesn’t feel like she needs to bring her grades up. The sport eligibility rule should be amended because it can lower a student’s self-esteem. The sport eligibility rule should be amended for various reasons. According to the Hebron Middle School handbook, “If students are struggling academically they should be spending time on their studies over any extracurricular activity.” Some students who have been kicked out of sports because of grades do not normally feel motivated to get their grades back up. According the University of Rochester, sports help students raise their self-esteem. They also are more motivated to do everyday tasks then someone who does not do sports. Studies have shown that sports do not only make students healthier physically, but sports also make them healthier mentally too. Students who do sports are more likely to…show more content…
The student will also be made to study, or work on something for half of practice. If the player is allowed to still go to practices, he will be able to understand all the plays a team might have. The student is also working on his education if half of practice he brings something to work on in the class that the student is failing in. The sport eligibility rule should be amended because it can lower a student’s self-esteem. This rule stops a person’s motivation to do other tasks. If a person’s self-esteem is lowered, then they might not feel motivated to do their homework. If this rule were to be changed, it could make students stay active and feel better about themselves. They would feel better about themselves, because they would know that they could play if they do their homework or
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