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The primary objective of the role of a sport psychologist has been argued amongst many, introducing the performance versus wellbeing debate. Applied sport psychology has expanded over the years to become more person centred and humanistic in its approach, rather than solely using mental skills training (Hack, 2005). The development of this field has brought about the argument of sport psychologist’s primary role to enhance the client’s sporting performance or to focus on the client’s wellbeing and happiness. According to the American Psychological Association Division 47(2010), it is clear that the main function of sport Psychology was focused on performance, with the first person to apply the principles of psychology to aid and improve sporting…show more content…
This is noted further by a Orlick and Partington (1987) as they state that the sport psychologists who were well known in the field as being successful, came into the profession with the personal qualities, experiences and good interpersonal skills. Chandler et al (2014) suggest that there has been previous literature, which has focused on viewpoints from coaches and athletes, highlighting what they consider the effective skills held by the sport psychologist, rather than the personal qualities held them. The skills, which have been noted as effective, are good communication, providing feedback, and getting to know the athletes (Anderson, Miles, Robinson and Mahoney 2004). In 2010 Nesti states…show more content…
In Pain and Harwood’s study the found that many applied sport psychologists needed to demonstrate the value of what they do and define how success can be measured, this in turn will lead people to comprehend the benefits of having a sport psychologist. Andersen et al, 2002 echoes this need to evaluation of effectiveness, stating that sport psychologists must assess and record their effectiveness, broadcasting this information would have a major impact on sport psychology, and the perceptions of the

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