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Sport-Purpose Reading Response “… The rules of sport provide each performer with a rare opportunity to concentrate all the energies of his being in one meaningful effort to perform task of his own choosing…” (Fraleigh 80). Watching Lebron James play in downtown Cleveland on a weeknight or weekend, this statement holds true, that fuels Lebron to play the great game of basketball. In the article sport-purpose Fraleigh discusses three concepts describing social, god, and history. Fraleigh describes social as the aspect of social when it comes to sports by social groups going to sporting events and making an impact. People have engagements into sports by being a factor into an area, or a stadium, or a ballpark, fans are always a factor in sports around the world. The next concept that Fraleigh believes has an impact on sports is god. Fraleigh believes that sport and the way things are come from god. Fraleigh explains that god is the supplier of sport and the organizer of all that sports is, if god wasn’t a supporter and believer of sports than there…show more content…
Fraleigh, I truly believe that these three concepts helped pave the way sports have become such a major factor in the world today. I believe social have been a major aspect in sports because, fans are such a major reason why sports are so dominant today. Going to a Cavs game on a Friday night in downtown Cleveland, or a Cleveland browns game on a Sunday afternoon, there is no better atmosphere than a sporting event in downtown Cleveland. Fans make sports and without them sports wouldn’t be as dominant as they are today. God I believe helped create sports because there are people who have the gift to play sports and help support their families and live an excellent live. Finally sports played a a key role because a thousand years ago sports were created and helped paved the way for how sports have become to key to the world

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