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Grade 12 Life Orientation Physical Education Written Task Adam Blumenthal Grade 12S A: Sport as a unifier 1. Yes, I believe sporting events contribute to unifying a nation, because it allows people from all backgrounds to come together with a single common purpose. This is evident in South Africa, where the whole country gets behind our sports team, which helps to break down the racial barriers that have been placed here in our society. During the 1995 World Cup, when Nelson Mandela and Francois Pienaar lifted the trophy in celebration it gave hope to South Africans that we are triumphant over our past struggles and as a nationwe will unite to create a better future for all South Africans. Thus, I believe I have shown that sports can help…show more content…
It helped unify South Africa as South Africans wanted to show the world how far we have come as a nation after Apartheid. Additionally, because Bafana Bafana had not been in a world cup for many years the nation was able to get behind the team during their matches, helping to unify the nation. Once again, there was a carnival atmosphere, which contribute to a happy nation as happiness ultimately helps unite…show more content…
Lance Armstrong was a role model, because he showed people around the world that he was able to overcome adversity to achieve his goals. He was determined, courageous, and overcame insurmountable odds by winning 7 consecutive Tour de France titles after battling testicular cancer. His persistence and passion for the sport made him seemingly invincible during his racing years. He embodied these characteristics in order to become a sporting role model. However, the stripping him of his titles and Olympic medal, after he was found to have been doping during all his victories in the tour de France will be the legacy he leaves behind. He will not remembered as a hero, who overcame death similar to a god returning from death’s door, but rather as a man who cheated his way to the top of his profession. The heartbreak that he caused for his supporters will still be fresh in their hearts as the person, who gave them hope and invoked the sense of overcoming the impossible, were devastated by him being a fraud. They lost the trust and respect they had for a man they once idolised. He will never be able to regain the credibility he once had as an athlete for his accomplishments, and even though his charitable actions have been great that will also be called into question. Additionally, it is easier to remember someone for the things they did wrong rather than the things they did right, as humans are more inclined to see negatives over the positives despite rationality saying the

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