Sportdog Fieldtrainer 425s Case Study

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The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425S has been a starting point for more advanced e collar training. This product alone will not make or break this company, but this product can be the stepping stone to more advanced products. SportDOG is a small company but has grown since the start. The promotion of this product and the name of any SportDOG product shows pride and integrity.
Explain how an integrated communication aspect of a company's integrated marketing program contributes to a company’s economic success
SportDog FieldTrainer 425S has a very specific type of clients, dog’s and dog owners. Most dog owners must feel comfortable and confident to train with e collars. Also, the collar must be something the dog will wear as well comfortable and confidently. Most hunters and dog trainers are in a very
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On your next hunt you want that next big catch or the best trained dog of all your friends. That is what SportDOG brand name is attempting to build.
Describe the impact on management from proposed changes in a product's promotion strategies
If SportDOG attempts to make a jump or move into different strategies or target areas they must be careful not to alienate their core values. Growth doesn’t always mean better for some companies. Being that SportDOG has always been a smaller family-oriented company, it might not be in the best interest to attempt to move into bigger markets.
In conclusion, SportDOG does have room for improvement and if they do decide to move into different target areas not to alienate their core audience. This could prove difficult and could hurt the company. The name SportDOG on a prize-winning dog can prove to increase profits in any products. The companies reach is exactly where it needs to be for the core audiences. They could look into attempting to grab other customers but should do so in
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