Sports Apparels Case Study

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This paper is based on the study of various factors which influence the habitual buying behavior of consumers while buying branded apparels. Habitual behavior represents the repeat purchases made by the customers, based on habits or routines that are developed in order to simplify the decision-making process. The paper considers the influence of various marketing and demographic factors on consumer’s habitual behavior towards branded Sports apparels. A conceptual model is proposed, and factor analysis, along with chi-square, t-test, multiple regressions, etc. is used to analyze the data taken on a random basis. The study tries to reflect the influence of various marketing factors such as brand awareness, quality, price, durability,
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Within the current marketing environment, competition between products and services is becoming increasingly tough. In order to face the offensive of competition, branding was introduced by for marketers in this industry to have a clear understanding of Indian companies as a marketing strategy to differentiate a number of branded apparels. The present study primarily focuses on how consumers evaluate branded apparels based on factors like price, quality, durability comfort, etc. Within the context of this study, customer perceptions regarding branded sports apparels were tested considering their brand awareness, price, quality perception and overall brand attitude. This research throws light on consumer behavior focusing on the following areas: the frequency of purchases of branded sports apparels, important feature consider while buying, most possessed brands, purchase behavior, place of purchase, average spend, source of information for branded sports apparels,…show more content…
The objective is to know the factors affecting purchase decision taking Sports apparel as base. Empirical findings are calculated using survey technique, chi square test, z-test, t-test, annova and regression method with a sample of 81 participants in Mumbai. The objective of this paper is to analyze the significance of demographic profile of consumers affecting the purchase decision of branded sports apparel and to observe from gender perspective the consumer awareness about different sport apparel brands available in the Indian market and also to find out whether there is a significant difference in total expenditure on branded apparels done by males v/s females, different age groups, etc. The results exhibit no significant differences in the brand awareness, shopping frequency and shopping expenditure between males and

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