Sports Are Underpaid

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Sports a big part of American kids lives today. Too big actually. So many kids are involved in sports that are hurting their lives more than helping them! Every year sports take up money that schools should be spending on teachers. Sports cause children to focus more on sports than school! Sports affect athlete’s health in such a dramatic way that a lot of players do not recover. This needs to be turned around! This is not how student athletes should be living their school career! The average school spends about 92,000$ on a football team. Schools spend only 14,000$ on all of the math classes. These numbers are showing how underpaid students who are focusing on school truly are!(Both of these statistics are taken from The Atlantic).…show more content…
Sports are endangering millions of kids every hour but everyone is letting the sports continue in an environment that is supposed to be safe. The sports that athletes are playing are making the kids very violent! When, kids are playing the sports and the coaches are yelling at the kids, the kids start to want to fight for it, this starts to make them mean because if you fight for so long you get used to fighting 24/7. As a result, there are fights in school and at home! Sports is causing troubles for parents and teachers all over the place! To add on, sports also lead to dementia. A person that participates in sports has 19 times more of a chance to get dementia than the person that does not. This is because of all the contact. Getting hit in the head time after time is terrible for child, but, the schools are continuing to let the children get hit after it. This leads to, the schools giving off the impression that they do not care whether the kids are healthy or not! With all of these injuries sports are giving kids, they are having to be taken out of school. So, the injuries are forcing them to go to the doctors and take time off of school or stay at home because of the pain which then is making them miss time. 3.5 million kids 14 and under just in the U.S. are injured by sports a year (according to Stanford Children 's Health). Coaches are also known for making athletes go to the doctors during school so that they don’t miss any time during practice. This means that the parents are putting their child behind in school for sports! That even though the doctors and school is much more important, sports come first. (This according to the New York Times). Sports are injuring kids in ways that some may not be restored! Some sports players never get their life back
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