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"Singapore is well known all over the world for its sports attractions. In 2010 it even won the award for the Best Sports City in the World beating contenders like Liverpool & London behind. Most famous sports attractions in the city includes adventure sports, water sports, outdoor and indoor sports.We will be discussing below some of the top sports attractions in Singapore." "F1 Singapore Grand Prix is for sure one of the top sports attraction in the city and it was the prominent reason for Singapore to win the Best Sports City title. People who visit it are quite impressed with its mind blowing contests. It is a fantastic experience for people who are more into Race Sports. It 's easily accessible from the nearby hotels via MRT and is on a walkable distance. A must see spot in Singapore for the sports lovers." "Singapore Sports Hub is one of the most exciting places of…show more content…
Jade Palace Seafood is famous for claypot riceroast, duck, lobster tail, kailan, live seafood, chinese vegetables, fish and bitter gourd etc. Visitors rate it excellent for seafood items. Its also best of wine dinners and have got a good range of wine. Although as per some visitors the decoration & ambiance is a little tired but you can ignore it for their fresh and delicious foods. Shrimps, peking duck,dim sum dishes, black pepper beef, bbq pork and fresh fish are some of the specialities of Crystal Jade Golden. Most of the visitors rate it as a very good restaurant with a good range of fast food as well. Although some rate as a bit expensive. It 's one of the best dim sum experiences you would like to try. Viva Mexico is having one of the best ambiance and decor in town. It 's Mexican touch make it a little uniqure from the other restaurants around. It 's well known for its fajitas, mexican food, mexican hot pot, guacamole, chicken dish etc. You will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of some awesome Mexican foods and you 'll visit again and again because of their pleasant

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