Sports Corruption In Sports

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The success for athletes is based on the number of fans and sponsors a player has. Sports organizations rely on the records of the teams and not the player that work to death to make those wins.The athletes of a team don’t get paid enough from their team's commissioners so for their money they rely on their sponsors.To make sports famous the sports organization relies on sponsors and fan bases.The fan bases and sponsors invest in the sports organization instead of the teams. Players in the sports organization only get paid ten percent of their paychecks from their sponsors.Players with a less salary cap get paid more after taxes than the players with a more greater salary cap.Players have to pay two different tax payments a year, one…show more content…
The reason for all the corruption in the sports organization is because of the way they treat their players they are being unappreciative because they sometimes take their players for granted.They think that their players won’t go overseas and play for another organization.So another reason is that there is corruption is that the players get fined for things that happened during their time at home not even on the…show more content…
Some players need to make smart life choices for instance if you smoke than smoke but don’t post it on social media trying to be cool.You know that there are poperotsy looking for any kind of way to exploit you and you posting things like that you are basically handing them the tools to destroy you.For an example Odell Beckham Jr he has a picture of him holding a blunt of weed and the media eat it up thanks to the poperotsy they destroyed his career and it took a harder toll from him because for the New York Giants his is the face of the team.He is the face that all the fans and the children look at so that is why they were so hard on him on the whole situation.But don’t get me wrong it was not only the poperotsy who made him look bad the critics and the tabloids made him out as a villain to the society.Another good example of this is Adrian
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